About us


More than 20 years giving solutions
In these years we have helped companies and institutions to meet their objectives through services and solutions and engineering and systems integration.


1997 Founded under the name of BM Informática Centro de Estudios S.L


Becomes part of the Elimco business group as Elimco Sistemas S.L .


The company is acquired by its directors and by Ghenova Engineering , renamed Soologic Technological Solutions S.L.

Key areas

A team with a strong technical background
Our extensive experience in the execution, integration, operation of systems and product development has made it possible for us to currently be present in 7 countries and 3 continents. Our national growth is accompanied by presence in five Spanish cities and headquarters in Seville.

Soologic Global

National and International Presence with headquarters in Seville, Spain
Our extensive experience in the execution, integration and operation of systems, as well as in the development of our own products, has made it possible for us, at present, to work in 7 countries and 3 continents. In addition, our national growth is accompanied by presence in five Spanish cities and headquarters in Seville.

Corporative Value & Philosophy

A team with a strong technical background

We innovate

We have a strong commitment to innovation as a company specialised in IT design, development, integration and maintenance. Thus, we can improve our services, be competitive and offer the best solutions.


We enjoy challenges

A sector that is constantly renewed requires continuous learning. For this reason, the Soologic team is in constant training to successfully face the challenges that we come across.


We colaborate

The success of a project Soological derivative of the perfect functioning of all the phases of the process. In order for this to happen, we encourage teamwork and cooperation by integrating the client into our team.



Our CSR policy is based on promoting the well-being of our team, the improvement of the common good and respect for the environment. Similarly, we always seek customer satisfaction from honesty and respect.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Committed to you and the planet
Soologic Technological Solutions understands the importance of working under quality parameters and assumes it as an inherent part of its daily work in all its activities. We have an Integrated Quality and Environment Management System implemented and certified by the AENOR company, according to the model provided by the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

We implement the Environmental Management System, integrating into the Quality Management System. The management of Soologic Technological Solutions establishes to document, maintain and improve the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.

The Environmental Policy is manifested in the Quality and Environment Policy, it is known to all staff and establishes Soologic Technological Solutions' commitments to the Environment:

'Soologic Technological Solutions is committed to making its development and the provision of its own services compatible with the protection of the environment and the quality of the provision of said services'

The Management Team promotes a culture of quality and social responsibility which is transmitted and shared with all staff.
Quality is a guarantee of improved efficiency in the processes and activities carried out in our company in addition to guaranteeing the satisfaction and loyalty of our users.

Quality and respect for the environment are understood as essential values for Soologic Technological Solutions and adheres to the following commitments:

Since its inception, Soologic has been profiled with a team of qualified professionals in software engineering and information technology, whose mission is to offer excellent service to our clients as well as to develop appropriate technological solutions through research. , development and innovation.

Soologic places its vision of the future in leadership in services and products based on software and technology, seeking the total productivity of our processes through the Integrated Management System, thus achieving continuous improvement and improving the productivity of our clients. as well as the growth of the company.

It is for all these reasons that Soologic establishes an integrated policy that is communicated and disseminated to all interested parties, as well as reviewed by senior management. The Management Policy is the reference framework for the management objectives that are established periodically and is embodied in the following pillars and principles, which must be known and applied by the entire organization:

This Policy is the basis of our Integrated Management System which is developed establishing measurable objectives which are periodically reviewed according to what is established in the System itself, so that continuous improvement can be evidenced.

In order to do this, the Directorate provides the organisation with the necessary resources to achieve its Policy in order to verify if it is appropriate for the fulfillment of the objectives set and for the context, purpose and strategy of the organisation.

The Management Policy is disseminated to all interested parties putting in the necessary means so that it is understood and implemented.

It is absolutely necessary to support them by both the management team and all the people who make up the organisation for the effective application of these principles,

Supplier Evaluation

We thank all our suppliers for their collaboration to provide the best service to our customers. An evaluation of our homologated suppliers is carried out annually in which the products and services are inspected according to contractual requirements and especially of quality and environment. All of this contributes to maintaining quality and service levels towards our clients and partners.