Need - Technology - Solution

We are convinced that the success of any organization depends on the use of technology to put the focus on its value processes.

At Soologic we are in charge of developing, implementing and operating systems with a strong engineering component software.

For this we have a team with extensive training and experience in different disciplines.

Digital transformation as the key to success

In a survey of workers from large corporations in more than 10 countries, 90% of employees claimed that the technologies implemented in these companies had improved their productivity.
We cover the technological needs of our clients through the custom development of advanced software solutions, maintenance and integration by our experts in information technology.

We design systems to solve unsolved problems with market products.

We are involved in all phases of the life cycle, from specification to operation, through design, development and commissioning.

We analyse the needs, design the solution and implement it by modernizing processes.

The integration of existing solutions with new systems allows organisations to make a qualitative leap in management.

We take our clients’ hand once the solution is implemented.

We offer our engineering experience in different disciplines for process improvement.

We have standardised systems for different sectors.

xDMS: Data and Information Management System (climate, water, industry, agriculture).
BOA: Business, Operations & Administration, for transversal management and exploitation of information through business intelligence of a service company.
APMS: Airport Pavements Management System enables detailed management and inspection of airport pavements with full traceability.
CONDOR. Import, view, and edit geo-referenced information from various data sources.
LINCE SERVER. High-performance multi-format mapping server.

Development of multidisciplinary projects

We focus on the best solution using technology as a powerful medium
In our more than 20 years of experience, the training of our team and the working methodologies have allowed us to provide solutions for companies and institutions from multiple sectors.