Digital Transformation as key to success

The solutions we offer from Soologic are focused on meeting the customer's needs and increasing their productivity through technology. In order to do this, we have created an effective working model that allows us to carry out all the relevant operations in the development and start-up of a project in an optimal way.

Turnkey Projects

We develop systems tailored to our clients. We are involved in all phases of the life cycle that the client needs from specification to operation through development and commissioning.
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Systems Integration and Development

We analyse the needs, design the solution and implement it by modernizing processes. The integration of existing solutions with new systems allows organisations with a certain degree of management to take a qualitative leap.
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Systems Operations and Maintenance

We accompany our clients once the solution is implemented.
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Technology Consultancy

We are at the service of our clients with technology consulting services. We offer our experience to improve their processes.
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Own Products

We dxevelop standardised systems for different industry sectors.
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Turnkey Projects

We build custom software systems to respond to unmet needs for existing products on the market.
We design fully customised solutions. Thanks to our multidisciplinary nature we take charge of the entire life cycle from the initial stages of design to its start-up, including maintenance or operation depending on customer needs.

We can intervene in all or some of the phases of the life cycle.

Systems Integration and Development

We analyse the needs, design the solution and implement it.
We integrate existing systems including legacy systems to build solutions that meet new customer needs by leveraging their infrastructure. We help our clients in the Digital Transformation process.

From the pure integration of software systems such as integration of management systems to the integration of field sensors and monitoring systems that include hardware and software elements.

Systems Maintenance

We make sure everything works so that our clients focus on their business.
Soologic maintains systems developed or not by us and in different modalities:

Technology Consultancy

We put ourselves at the service of our clients with technology consulting services we offer our experience to improve their processes.
In very preliminary stages we help our clients by providing different possibilities for technological improvement. From our experience in various sectors, we evaluate your starting situation and possible solutions in technology that can improve your systems. Our engineers integrate with the client to understand the business details, offer the most appropriate answers and make the improvement challenge their own.

Own Products


DMS (acronym for Data Management System) is a system that collects, processes, aggregates, displays and manages data from different sources. Its typical applications are those businesses in which large amounts of data are produced that must be managed and processed either for consumption by other subsystems or for their treatment (application of quality controls, harmonisation, alphanumeric or geo-referenced visualisation, etc.)


Consolidation of business, production and administrative information is possible through BOA (Business, Operations & Administration). The information management in a centralised way, interconnected with other subsystems (financial, project management, etc.) allows a complete vision of the company, powered by reports and dashboards generated with business intelligence technology.


Airport Pavements Management System (APMS) enables detailed management and inspection of airport pavements with full traceability. It performs the automatic calculation of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). APMS has an office environment for offline analysis and an environment with field devices.


CONDOR is a complete geographic information system that allows you to import, view and edit geo-referenced information from various data sources. In turn, we developed the G2 Tool to visualise and transform cartographic data in multiple formats (BIN, BMP, DGN, ECW, BIP-HDR, MDT, TIF-TFW, BMV, SHP and ASC). The CONDOR cartographic suite of products was created with the aim of providing professional solutions to those who work with cartography, make decisions based on it or seek more realistic, attractive, innovative and at the same time efficient dissemination of it.


High-performance mapping server for very heavy mapping sources. Lince Server is optimised for use with thin clients.