Weather Alert System for the High-Speed Rail Network


It is necessary to have among the systems of the ADIF H24 centre a system that collects and displays geo-referenced and categorised meteorological alerts that affect high-speed lines.


We develop software that manages weather alerts on an ADIF vector cartographic basis and displays them in a cartographic viewer developed specifically for this purpose.

The system receives meteorological alerts from AEMET and assigns them to the corresponding roads and stations, so that they can be viewed both on a map and on an alarm management grid.

This software was integrated into the information systems of the H24 Network Management Center.

From this center, all incidents affecting the railway network are managed and coordinated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Improved Results

  • Automation of the reception of alerts provided by AEMET.
  • Integration into the monitoring center’s ecosystem of tools.
  • Visual improvements going from textual to graphic information.